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We had the privilege of meeting Meghan and Paul a few months back when we shot their engagement, also meeting some of their family.  We knew at that time that theirs was a wedding to look forward to.  What makes a great wedding great?  A well-planned event at a great venue (we love shooting a Church Landing wedding, especially during the fall), that’s the first step, sure, and you’ve got to have two people deeply in love, who can’t wait to get going living the rest of their lives together.  Check, check.  But what makes a great wedding great, what takes it over the top, is everyone else.  You’ve got to have a bunch of high-energy, positive people who adore the two people getting married.

At Meghan and Paul’s wedding, that was a big check.  Seriously, it’s the love that people pour out on bride and groom that makes a “getting ready” awesome, that makes for an amazing ceremony, and, of course, that is crucial for the reception and a crazy party.  This wedding was about family.  It might take a year to plan a wedding, but it takes a lifetime to create the kind of love this family has.  Meghan and Paul were at the center of a big hug, and we were so glad to be there to take pictures of it.

Meghan’s stunning dress by Pronovios was purchased at Musette Bridal in Boston, and her hair and makeup was done by the talented crew at Mills Falls Spa.   Beautiful floral arrangements were put together by Elaine Hinchley at Heaven Scent Design.  They passed on cake and opted for pie (can’t blame ’em, I’m a pie guy) from Moulton Farm.

This was one of the best parties we’ve ever been a part of — it was crazy — and huge credit for that goes to DJ Pat Tecce.  Folks, we’ve seen them all, and this guy is the standard.  He was absolutely phenomenal.  Four big thumbs up (yeah, four, theres’ two of us and we each have two thumbs).


Meghan and Paul, thank you for including us at your Church Landing wedding.  We had an amazing time with you both.  It was an incredible wedding and we wish you and your family the best!

– Peter

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