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Mountain View Grand Hotel: White Mountain Wedding Photography

Ken & Anne knew each other for many years, and were “just friends” for many years.  Somewhere in there, the light turned on for Ken, and he knew he had feelings for Anne.  Ken is a patient man, strong-willed and determined; he knew what he wanted, so he set his sights and waited.  …And, waited.  Dinners, trips to the museum together, long conversations … but friends they stayed.  After five years, Ken’s friends started telling him to let it go, it wasn’t going to happen.  But he persisted.  It was meant to be.  Ken’s desire was rewarded, and the light did turn on for Anne.  “One day I just thought,” she said, telling us the story, “I think there’s something here.”  We gathered from her friends & loved ones that Anne is an extremely giving person, selfless; she probably was too busy thinking about everyone else to think about what she might need… when what she needed was right in front of her.

I use the phrase “the light turned on” with some remembrance: we were there, when Ken saw his bride approaching at their ceremony at the Mountain View Grand Hotel in the White Mountains.  We saw his face instantly become absolutely radiant with light and joy.  The light was on.  We saw it.  Anne’s was too; I won’t forget her smile, as they stood together in the ceremony, her eyes never leaving Ken’s.  The poem they chose for their reading — the most incredibly beautiful children’s book EVER, I like you by Sandol Stoddard Warburg (look it up) — had everyone holding back tears (including Christine and I, who are suckers for weddings), although not Ken and Anne.  They weren’t crying.  They were just beaming at each other.  Ken and Anne — we had such a fabulous time on your day.  We’re so thrilled you decided to let us join you.



We had an amazing time with Ken and Anne at the Mountain View Grand Hotel, and we wish them the very best!

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