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If every couple loved each other the way Annie and Teddy do, the world would be a vastly better place.  I mean it.  So raw, so open, so tender…  While I was with Teddy during his getting ready, he told me he wasn’t nervous; rather, he was “excited”.  Through his giddy, smiling energy, I sensed what he meant:  not excited for the event, really, not for the wedding as though it were its own thing– but excited to see Annie.  He wanted to be with Annie, and that’s all.

Teddy really loves Annie.  Scroll down and look at the “first look” photos.  And Annie really loves Teddy.

This is the real deal.

What’s better, this love expanded outwards and outwards at this wedding, to include family and friends.   This wasn’t a wedding for wedding’s sake– this was a true celebration of one simple, beautiful fact:  that Teddy loves Annie and Annie loves Teddy.  And all surrounded them in warm embrace.

As wedding photographers, we feed on this kind of emotion.  This is fuel for us.  We’re crying with them behind the lens, we’re celebrating with them on the dance floor.  This was an incredible wedding, but only because of two incredible people who have an incredible love, who were willing to share themselves and their love with the rest of us.

We were very happy wedding photographers on this special day at The Jackson House in Woodstock, VT, and these are some of our favorite wedding pictures.





Annie and Teddy this was one of our favorite weddings, because for us what we do is not just about taking pretty pictures– it’s about real connection, real love.  And you had it all, in spades.  Congratulations to you both!

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