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Boston Weddings Photographers :: Dante Restaurant Wedding :: Victoria & Ethan

“The meaning of life,” Ethan’s best man said in a touching speech, “is to be happy.”  These words, we learned, were uttered by an adolescent Ethan during a long and beautiful day in which the two of them wandered the forest and contemplated their futures.  That Ethan embraced such a philosophy at a young age is unsurprising.  For one thing, he has the calm presence of someone who’s found his place within the adventure.  For another, he is obviously happy.  Ethan’s best man continued that for Ethan, happiness had blossomed in his relationship with Victoria.  The two of them beamed at that moment, as they had been all day.

The sun also beamed throughout their wedding day — through the treeblooms in the Boston Garden, into the atrium in which they were married, over the city’s river-reflection and through the glass face of Dante Restaurant where they held their reception.  Victoria and Ethan might deceive you as a mellower couple — they’re both very smart, accomplished, and well-spoken — but once the music hit, they got down.  This is what happiness looks like when it finds you.

It was such a pleasure to document their day and we’re very excited to share these pictures with them!  Ethan and Victoria, we wish you the very best!


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